SEO Hero – Neil Patel

Seo Hero Neil Patel

SEO Hero Neil Patel makes my list because…

He helps companys generate more revenue through digital marketing.

As an Advanced Digital Marketer, Seo Hero Neil Patel is one of the most impressive and most generous Digital Marketers in the industry. Neil Patel has been able to create the good life for himself, and simultaneously shares so much of his knowledge and expertise. He definitely is a living example of abundance in giving, thought, and action. I really like how he shares his knowledge for free to demonstrate all of the value that he brings to the table. I definitely am taking notes.  My Seo Hero Neil Patel is admirable because he walks the walk and talks the talk. He definitely knows what he is doing.

created one of the hundred most billion companies.

entrepreneur magazines said was number one marketer in the world.

first client was elpac electronics and helped them generate 25 million in sales.

started first website at age 16 .

paid all his money from working at an amusement park to a marketing firm.

co-founded 4 multimillion dollar companies and helped companies of all sizes maximize their revenues.

built reputation by being honest and over delivering.

helped companies like google , nbc, viacom, general motors,ebay, etc.

received awards from the president of the us, house of representatives, and the united nations.

has an seo analyzer on website.

took matters into own hands and learned marketing.

was making 20,000 a month in consultant fees and was still a teenager.

became a consultant


Crazy Egg

 – Present (10 years 11 months)

Crazy Egg is an analytics software that allows website owners to see what visitors are doing when they visit your site through “heatmaps” of visitor’s clicks.

Co-founder & VP of Marketing


 –  (7 years)

KISSmetrics is an analytics platform that tracks who’s visited your website, the specific action each user takes and the lifelong value of the customer. The data generated provides valuable information that can be used to improve sales and customer experience.

Co-founder & VP of Marketing


 –  (5 years 5 months)