Zhe Scott SEO Hero

Welcome to My SEO Hero Entry for Wix


Hello and welcome to my wix Seo Hero website entry! My name is Zhe L. Scott, and this website is my entry into WIX.Com’s SEO Contest. I know the field of Search Engine Optimization is very very interesting. I remember my very first website that I built. I built it on MIT’s servers as an undergraduate. Now, many years later, with experience working for 3 high volume digital marketing agencies where I have done technical seo, amazon seo, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and plenty of creativity…. I am striking out on my own.  I am in month three of running my own full service digital marketing agency. I am so excited to take my professional experience and leverage it daily for business owners.

Seo is the hero for Entrepreneurs. This is a very important reality that I think cannot be repeated enough. Today is November 21, 2016 and I am sitting in my office in between client projects very happy with the knowledge that the work that I do generates revenue that helps to create jobs and opportunities for all affiliated with the businesses that I help.

Maybe I am an optimist, but I am a pragmatic one. I understand how hard it can be for business owners who are so used to one business model to switch to the knowledge based economy, but I am ready. I know helping over 200 businesses dominate google page 1 has been a great experience, and has formed my foundation as a seo hero.

Some of my strong beliefs about seo services are are the following:

  • Seo is NOT dead
  • Keywords are EXTREMELY important
  • Thin content is unacceptable
  • Businesses cannot afford to NOT incorporate a digital marketing strategy into their marketing strategies.
  • Customer Service is of Vital Importance!

Leveling the Playing Field

For the most part SEO is the Hero for the online entrepreneur because the algorithm is the same everywhere on the internet. The Google Algorithm(s) govern everyone’s website the same. There are 200 factors that the Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, et al consider when evaluating a website for its position in the search results.

I am particularly fond of the Hummingbird algorithm. This is the algorithm that I think far too few businesses leverage for their benefit. This Blog for this Wix Challenge, I am going to put my ideas and seo philosophies to the test, and see how fast my site will rank. At this point you have read almost 400 words, and I am still not done with my thoughts for the day. It’s amazing what a cash prize can do to motivate you to elaborate on and in website content.

If you would like to follow me on facebook you can here: www.facebook.com/theseoqueen

I will be posting results from my progress as soon as I get some results. Just for the record I submitted my website for the first time on November 21, 2016. I will post on my website the moment that Google starts to index this site.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to this competition